Dive into the mental and spiritual world of the Ancient Orient and the Jewish people! Ralf Luther had a talent for explaining key terms and concepts of the NT in a vivid and colourful way. The link connects you to the free copy on Livenet.ch. (Only in German)­

No NT at hand? No problem: On Bibleserver.com you can easily read all books of the Bible in various languages and translations. ­

The NT is a thoroughly Jewish book. Therefore who would offer a better understanding and interpretation of it than Jews who believe in Jesus (Yeshua) as messiah and king? "Kol Hesed" ("Voice of Grace") is a newspaper edited by Messianic Jews. (Only in German and Russian) ­


This Tom and Jerry cartoon is a humorous parable on the need to read a testament thoroughly because otherwise one may end up in disappoint-ment. Cat Tom inherits a fortune, and yet does not get too happy with it... Reason is the special clause that is presented at 1:40!­

This link leads you to some additional documents and sermons about issues related to the Bible and the New Testament. (for the time being in German language only)­