The New Testament

I was told that the Bible is only for people with an academic degree or for such humans that are exceptionally dedicated or holy. Then why should I read it?

Whoever told you that - do not believe it!


If you ever heard statements of that kind, please do forget them as soon as possible. They are not true.


Just in contradiction: Jesus, the Son of God, has spoken on many occasions openly to all people that have been willing to listen. Jesus never denied anyone’s ability to comprehend and make use of his words because of a person’s sex, age, occupation, level of education or position in society. One can even observe that in general the so-called simple people showed a better comprehension for his teachings than the religious and social elites.


Also the Apostle Paul put emphasis on the command that his epistles had to be read to the whole congregation of Christians and not exclusively to its leaders.


Therefore cheer up and read by yourself.