What is the New Testament?

An account on the most wonderful person that has ever lived: Jesus Christ


The New Testament (NT) is a collection of papers (reports, epistles and prophetic views). The focal persons of the NT are Jesus Christ and his first followers (disciples).


In more detail, the NT contains records on the following issues:

  • The heavenly descent and supernatural procreation of the Lord Jesus as the Son of God
  • His birth and childhood
  • His acting as a preacher, prophet, wonderworker and humanly friend as sent by God
  • His vicarious sacrificial death at the cross
  • His resurrection and ascension
  • The life and acting of his first followers (i.e., of the early Christian assemblies)
  • Prophecies on the long-term development of mankind, of the Christian movement in this world and about the end of this world as well as the creation of a new and better world