In my view the NT is hard to understand. Some sentences are complicated. the topics have little relation to the present time.

A precious gift - we should appreciate it!


The text of the NT has been written down by various individuals. As usual their writing style has been different. The ones have been academics that authored long and twisted scriptures; others preferred a brief and concise style. The ones formulated rather diplomatic; others made their point in a straightforward fashion. Depending on what type of person you are, you may understand the one sort of text better than the other. That is completely normal. If you observe general difficulties in understanding the text, you might try a diffe-rent translation or transmission. You will find here (or here)a variety of translations on the Internet (private usage is free). 


In any case you should keep in mind what you have understood. Do not feel too disappointed if certain parts remain (for the time being) obscure to you. Keep praying to God that he gives you understanding of difficult passages.


Now one remark about the topics of the NT. The main issue of the NT is the question as follows - and that question is today as relevant as 2000 years ago: How can a human being pass the divine judgement? Or in other words: How can we survive our own death? Because God will deliver his judgement on every human being. Only those who will be recognised as righteous by God will receive eternal life (or get into the Kingdom of God or into the Kingdom of Heavens, resp.)


Please try to read the NT primarily as an answer to that question. In my personal view, I find the Gospel according to Mark very helpful, as it is rather short and very focussed.


Finally you might consider one issue: GOD himself wishes to communicate to you through the New Testament. It is Grace if you are able to read the NT! It will be helpful if you recognise it as a precious gift. God loves those who love his word! ­