The NT was written a long time ago in a country far away. Why should it be relevant even today?!

2000 years - how long is that?


It is true - at first glance the New Testament is not really new! Although not all of its parts have been created at the same point in time, one may accept the age of 2000 years as a rounded value.  With a certain right one may ask why scriptures of such an age should be of any relevance today.


1) True masterpieces do not lose their value. Imagine that you would find today a draft sketch by William Turner or a small painting by Rembrandt: Those works would be several hundred years old. Still their value would not have decreased by that long time - just in the contrary! For such finds today much higher prices are being paid compared to the time when they were created.


2) With us humans a period of 2000 years appears to be quite long - with God it is not more than a snapping of fingers. "With the Lord a thousand years is as one day, and one day  as a thousand years", because his are both time and eternity. The meaning of this is: Please do consider God's timeline, then that impressive period of time melts down a lot!


3) Has the world changed a lot since those disappeared times? I do not think so. People are being born and they die; they love and they hate; they get married and they get divorced; they tell the truth and they tell lies; they get rich and they get poor. Finally they fall into the grave, and who will ask for them? Only one thing is for sure: In front of God they are all alive, and all will have to justify themselves. Better be prepared for that and ensure you have the best lawyer: Jesus Christ.